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Post by Admin on Tue Jun 18, 2013 2:33 am

I've recently realized that I've never set any rules for this forum but with the recent spammers invading the boards I've figured now would be a good time! 


  • Absolutely NO spamming! Never!
  • All messages posted must be at least three words long except for in certain topics or PMs! 
  • No vulgar language please! Swearing is not entirely prohibited as long as you don't use it in an unnecessary, excessive or vulgar way. 
  • Respect your fellow board members! This means no arguing (if you must please take it to PM), no cursing at each other, and no discrimination please. 
  • Respect the board, also!
  • No trolling! This means posting unrelated content on boards, swearing at other board members, purposely trying to irritate other board members, etc. 

This will most likely be updated soon but for now that's it! 
Please follow the rules and enjoy your stay on this forum. c':

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